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Sump Pump, Submersible Pump, and Pedestal Pump

When it comes to removing water from a leaky or flooded basement, the perfect solution is the sump pump. These pumps are powered by standard household electrical current and come in 2 main types: submersible and pedestal.

If you look at a submersible pump up close, you will notice that it?s completely concealed inside of the tank.

The pedestal pump on the other hand, has a column that comes up through the tanks cover, while the motor itself is mounted on the column, directly above the floor level. The sump pump draws water through a filter trap, and pumps water out through the use of a discharge pipe. The motor on both types turn off as soon as the automatic pump empties the tank.

Choosing between the pedestal and submersible pump can be a touch decision. The submersible pump is mostly out of sight, and proves to be an advantage if the basement is treated as a primary living area. The submersible pump spends a great amount of time in the water, and offers a life span ranging from 5 ? 15 years. This pump also proves to be very handy if you have children living in the house.

Pedestal pumps on the other hand are less expensive and offer a longer life span. Pedestal pumps are in and out of the water, and offer a much better life span, ranging from 25 ? 30 years. When it comes to repairing these pumps, the pedestal models are much easier to repair.

The strength of a sump pump unit determines the overall price. Pumps are measured by horsepower, with the least expensive models usually being the weakest. When you compare the price of a pump with the horsepower, don?t forget to look at how many gallons the pump will move in a minute, and even an hour.

The actual discharge offered by a pump, will determine just how much water it will move through it. When you are looking, also be sure to check if the pump has the capability to move small objects through it as well. The last thing you want is something small to pass through the pump and clog it up.

The sump pump has proven to very useful. No matter what type of pump you are using, it should get the job done. The type you choose, pedestal or submersible, would depend on how much water you have, and the overall dwelling of your basement. Look at both models up close and personal before you make that final decision.