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Waterproofing or Dampproofing your Foundation?

There is always this choice. What's better? Go for dampproofing, which is cheaper, but short term, or waterproofing the foundation of your new house, which is a little bit more expensive, but long lasting.

Below is a short comparison of waterproofing vs. dampproofing, but if you need more info feel free to use the navigation buttons on the left for more interesting information.


  • short term answer
  • cheap black tar material
  • only prevents moisture penetration
  • protection against dampness only
  • no requirements for code approval/physical properties
  • no requirements for thickness - only 2-5 mil thick coverage
  • different crack protection
  • does not bridge cracks
  • does not stop water penetration under hydrostatic pressure
  • can become brittle and crack at low temperatures
  • cheaper, but low quality, at the end it will cost you more as you will have to re-apply again after a few years, as the cheap dampproofing material will wear down, or the shrinkage occurs


  • long term solution
  • higher quality material
  • high protection against water, humidity and dampness
  • Specified products with code/approved physical properties, i.e. minimum thickness, methods of treating, required thickness (40-60 mil)
  • many waterproofing systems are elastic = flexible, they can bridge cracks
  • because of it's elasticity it handles temperature changes
  • it's a little bit more expensive in start term, but because of it's longevity it saves you money as you don't have to repeat it every few years. It protects your property for many years.