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Guide to Basement Bar

A basement bar is a good idea to enjoy an evening with friends and family or even have a party. There are a few important things one needs to take care of before building a basement bar. These steps will help make the bar a real good place to enjoy the drinks as well as party in the basement.

Basement space

The first thing towards building a basement bar is to ensure that there is a basement in the house and that it is suitable enough to accommodate a bar. Although a bar may not require too much space, the basement must have enough seating space and more if the place is to be used for a night party as well.

Setting up a Basement Bar

A basement bar can either be a ready-made bar or one can hire a carpenter or an expert to build a bar. Bar building is not recommended for those interested in setting up a bar as quickly as possible. Getting a carpenter to do the work will also enable the homeowner to come up with any extra requirements or design specifics that are otherwise not found in a normal bar. Seating arrangements can also be accordingly modified.

Refrigeration Requirements

It is a good idea to provide for refrigeration in the basement especially for drinks like beer. It makes better sense to serve chilled drinks straight from the bar than to buy bottles from shops when someone comes visiting. The bar will be used to its optimum if there is provision for refrigeration in the basement itself.

Seating Arrangements

In case one plans to have a night of poker or Monday night Football, the seating arrangement in the basement bar must match the requirements. A place where friends can relax while enjoying their drinks and the television will be the ideal setting. Comfy couches or bar stools along with a poker table or television will make up for an ideal basement bar. A television to watch all those basketball and soccer matches along with friends who would also join for a drink provides for a great way to unwind.